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Created in 2012 by two French people, Algolia is today the world leader in “search” for businesses. For the design of their Parisian headquarters, Saguez & Partners has put itself in the shoes of a young, dynamic, digital population. The site is therefore 100% flexible, hyper connected, and marked by emblematic spaces such as the dematerialized reception, the hub, the training room, the stand-up meeting area, the silence area, … The objective was to offer an environment suited to Algolia’s businesses, incorporating the values ​​and codes of the company in order to provide employees with work spaces allowing them to express their talents and creativity.

The main difficulty facing the client was the need to integrate into its transfer the substantial growth it anticipated in future. Because while the company employed 80 people in 2017, the number was expected to reach 280 by 2019. We therefore suggested a short-term sub-lease for half the project’s surface area. A tight schedule (three months) and a reduced budget were the two other challenges.