Icade Work Up

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In 2015, Icade, a key player in the French real-estate market, initiated a new strategy, placing innovation at the heart of its processes and seeking to make changes to its offering. The Icade Work up project was therefore built around a new innovative business hotel concept, designed for already incubated start-ups, well before the co-working wave swept through France. Being the owner of the Portes de Paris park in Saint-Denis, Icade had a former warehouse building still vacant. As the concept was innovative and the users still unknown, the program definition was a challenge in itself. The budget was limited, and coordinating with the contractors selected by Icade (cleaning, HVAC) added to the challenge. In the end, Work up, designed by Saguez & Partners, offers an environment adapted to new ways of working and cooperating, while maintaining the start-up spirit.