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In less than two years, WeWork has become one of Quadrilatère’s closest partners. Yet far from being repetitive, every new project is a new adventure that allows us to enlarge our scope of activities : “simple” development on the Champs-Élysées site, technical design and development on Jules Lefebvre, co-design and development on the 67 Avenue de Wagram. With no formal artistic direction, Quadrilatère has had to make creative proposals on the choice of materials, layouts and finishes.

Quadrilatère was also responsible for the shell works ordered by Swiss Life, the building’s owner : comprehensive clearance work (including interior insulation), exterior restoration and identical replacement of all the woodwork.

Finally, we created two additional staircases on each side of the building in response to the increased capacity and safety regulation.

In terms of the site management, the main challenge was meeting the tight deadlines whilst minimizing the disruption for residents.