Sullivan & Cromwell LLP

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Sullivan & Cromwell LLP is an international law firm, based in New York. Founded in 1927, the Paris branch is Sullivan & Cromwell’s oldest office in Europe. As the previous lease had expired, the firm had a short timeframe in which to move into its new premises. Quadrilatère therefore completed this project in three months. Interior design agency Gaspard Ronjat, specialising in interior design for private premises, hotels and boutiques, created smart, welcoming and functional working spaces.

For its offices, Sullivan & Cromwell wanted to create an overall impression of open space, in a nonetheless highly confidential profession. The offices are therefore partitioned off, but the alternation of glazing and screens enhances the feeling of transparency, while adding warmth to the space. The acoustics in the ground-floor meeting rooms, where sensitive discussions are held, was fully addressed, from the floor to the ceiling, via the walls.

Sullivan & Cromwell were also keen to improve the thermal comfort of meeting areas. We therefore removed the entire system in place (active panels) and replaced it with more easily programmable fan coil units.