Our team

Our team members are mostly architects and interior designers. As project managers, they coordinate all the services and provide end-to-end project follow-up, guaranteeing a single contact person for our customers and consistent quality at every stage. Our team of impassioned experts manages our customers’ projects with energy and rigour, paying attention to the slightest detail.

Executive Committee


Alexander BITTERLICH CFO and Head of Human Resources

Nadine KHATI Head of the Projects Department

Rémy MERCIER Head of Procurements and Performances

Maxime QUOINON Head of the Realization Department

Diane REGEMBAL Head of the Design Office


Romain BARMIER-ESTEVES Site supervisor - Realization Department

Camille BEDOS Human Resources Officer

Leslie BEDU Procurements administrator

Zineb BENREGUIG Design draughtswoman

Mathilde BERCEOT Interior Designer

David BETOURNE Furniture Project Manager

Julien BEVILLON Development manager

Audrey BOTTEREAU Senior Project Manager

Marine CACHET Project Manager

Vasile CANIUCA Site supervisor - Realization Department

Stanislas COUDRAY Development manager

Faïkani DAHALANI Administrative and accounting assistant

Aurélie DEVEAUX Senior Project Manager - Realization Department

Luis-Miguel DOMINGUEZ Materials manager

Emilia ETCHEBERRY-CHANTELOU Communication Manager

Elina FERNANDEZ Project Manager

Emilie GASQUET Interior Designer

Olivia-Laurie GRATIEN Procurements administrator

Elodie HOFFMANN Interior Designer

Ibtissem JANVIER Design draughtswoman

Cyrine KHALFALLAH Design draughtswoman - Realization Department

Bernard LACOTTE Layout manager

Jérôme MANCEAU Development manager

Virginie MARCHAND Project Manager

Jérôme MARESCAUX Site supervisor - Projects Department

Aurélia MARTIN Senior Project Manager

Claire MEUNIER Senior Project Manager

Claire MICHAUD Interior Designer / DPLG Architect

Géraldine MINET Partner analysis officer / buyer

Sara MOKDAD Purchasing Assistant

Mathieu MOULIER Project Manager - Realization Department

Junior NTALOULA Site supervisor - Projects Department

Hellen OAKMAN Office manager

Marie OGORODOVA Furniture manager

Eric OR Interior Designer

Kévin RAMANAIDOU Site supervisor - Projects Department

Justine ROTH Project Manager

Paul ROYS Development manager

Amandine SIGAUT Site supervisor - Realization Department

Séverine SURPIN Senior Project Manager

Chloé TAUFOUR Human Resources Manager

Jérôme THEBAULT Project Manager - Realization Department