Trinity Tower La Défense

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To access the immersive tour of the 23rd floor, click here.

From 2006 to 2014, Quadrilatère contributed to the development and creation of the Majunga Tower’s communal areas. For the Trinity Tower, once again, the main challenge was juggling the structural work being carried out by our contractor BATEG : access to the limited site and complex handovers in a tower block that wasn’t yet off the ground. As for Majunga, the High-Rise Building Regulation also required fire load calculations.

The Marketing Suite designed by Saguez & Partners presents various types of workspaces : open flex-type space, brainstorming room, meeting room, enclosed offices, fixed open space, quiet zone… in a warm, green atmosphere. The features include large windows providing beautiful external views, a balcony and a planted terrace. In order to support commercial visits, our partner Meubles Barré produced lots of bespoke layout : tearoom, tiered seating, support model, etc. The Tour itself is planned to be complete in April 2020.