Wellio Montmartre

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This project is the result of a first partnership between Covivio, the building owner, and Orange, the historical and only tenant, which also owns certain parts. The two stakeholders joined forces to achieve a shared goal, that of pursuing their reflection on new ways of working. Orange installed its “LAB 114” area dedicated to the transformation of its teams, while Covivio developed its “pro-working” offering called Wellio. The various types of spaces share a unifying design, by Saguez & Partners, inspired by sport and its values of cooperation, dear to both project partners. Work was carried out on an occupied site in a partly residential condominium building, with several constraints:

– restriction of noise,

– work during unconventional hours,

– vibration threshold due to on-site technical installations,

– work conducted simultaneously with the building’s technical renovation project (launched in parallel by Covivio).