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Quadrilatère was awarded the contract for the design, realization and furnishing of this watchmaking firm’s new headquarters. These new premises are more suitable for the employees’ ways of working : individual desks, organised by service, in an open space, completed with meeting rooms and relaxed common areas to promote informal discussions and briefings.

In terms of design, our proposal combines luxury codes / noble materials with more colourful / cosy housing codes. The references to the world of watchmaking are subtle : metal-coated textured surfaces, moon clock wallpaper, articulated lamps reflecting the notion of movement, etc.

Large-scale technical works have been performed on the HVAC system. In fact, the building is fitted with convection fans placed on apron walls. This complex installation process was overseen by our engineering office, which designed the necessary partitions in an eye-pleasing style, while maintaining acoustic properties. Finally, the absence of a raised floor required the electrical cables to be routed around the edges, in raceways or via the suspended ceiling. Nonetheless, the low plenum was restrictive, and the suspended ceiling had to be completely removed at some points.