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Quadrilatère was awarded the contract for the design and execution of the common areas of  Contentsquare‘s new HQ in Paris. Contentsquare’s head office is now set up on the 5th and 6th floors of WeWork Rue de Madrid. Quadrilatère also fitted out the inside of the entire building for WeWork, which made work much easier for the teams in charge of this new assignment.

Contentsquare’s briefing consisted of a mere 4 words : welcoming, innovative, modular and colourful spaces. Quadrilatère started by assigning different themes to each space, depending on the intended use :

– an “urban” space, containing furniture easy to move or stack in the café, which can also be used as a conference hall;

– a shared space with a wide range of atmospheres, allowing R&D teams to think, create and meet up depending on the mood of the moment;

– a nicely fitted out reception area with dimmed lighting, known as the “Apartment”.

Our interior design team gave free reign to their imaginations for this project and worked in cooperation with fully-fledged artists such as the graffiti artist Taroe, or the wicker basketmaker Eva Biagi. Contentsquare teams were also extensively involved and produced some of the input themselves, such as the graphics on the black and white canvas hung on one of the café walls.