Our vision

Quadrilatère works on the design and implementation of smart, fulfilling work spaces, aligned with the company’s values, and conducive to employee wellbeing and performance.

Our background

Quadrilatère was founded in 1989 by Jérôme Malet, a lover of architecture and design, with experience at Christofle and Cassina. At the outset, the company acted as the interface between furniture manufacturers all over the world and their clients. The company soon expanded its scope of action to custom layout, through relationships developed by Jérôme Malet with architects and designers. In 2017, Jérôme Malet became President of Quadrilatère and entrusted his position as CEO to Emmanuel Fougère. However, Quadrilatère remains faithful to the two key focuses promoted by its founder: respect for architects/designers and their work; and the ambition to be sustainable, thanks particularly to the quality of the work completed.

Our philosophy


Quadrilatère firmly believes that a company is a structure with people at its heart, made up of a multitude players. Rapport and listening are therefore the basis of our working method : the needs and objectives of our clients are carefully analyzed and respected, as are the values ​​of the company that commissioned us, in order to give body to a project that resembles it.

“Listening carefully and without preconceived ideas to our clients enable us to understand them beyond their stated objectives, and to offer them a solution that is not a copy and paste of another project.”

Emmanuel Fougère


Quadrilatère has been innovating continuously since 1989 to establish itself in an ever-changing sector and to fully meet its customers’ needs. Hired for smart, fulfilling projects, the teams are constantly on the lookout for innovations in architecture, construction technologies, sustainability, management of organisations, and workplace sociology, etc.

“Quadrilatère is a living ecosystem, constantly in motion, which is articulated with and around a multitude of experts to create efficient and intelligent places.”

Emmanuel Fougère


Quadrilatère is a pragmatic actor, anchored in reality.

“What we offer our customers has to be achievable and work perfectly. It is because we know our business, the technical and operational constraints, the functional expectations of our customers, that we are able to design easily executable projects.”

Emmanuel Fougere

Quadrilatère provides a comprehensive service, from design to delivery, and even beyond through the ten-year liability insurance. The company is committed to the quality of the work, prices and deadlines. As the only point of contact for the contracting authority, Quadrilatère coordinates all the project stakeholders and is therefore responsible for its success.


Since Quadrilatère was founded, we have worked closely with architects and designers on the creative design of certain projects. In this case, the company uses its sensitivity and savoir-faire to guarantee a technical development in line with the creative project and a maintained quality from conception to completion.